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Pierre Thabet - Third Year Pharmacy Student 

Looking back, I’d tell myself to be confident in what I know. Trust my knowledge, question my knowledge, but also to not be afraid to question that of others. As a healthcare student it is easy to assume that you are not “getting it” and that there must be a reason for “X” dose, drug or treatment. But when all is said and done, you are another professional involved in the care of patients. When I found my first medication error, I remember looking for every alternative to it being an error, and questioning my knowledge rather than that of others. So I guess what I would tell myself, and any other healthcare students, is to be confident in your knowledge and training and question everything – either you’ll learn something, or you’ll improve that patient’s care.

There was this one patient, such a kind lady, she was so wonderful. She was admitted and was getting a bone marrow transplant. She had terrible nausea and other chemo complications. It was tough to manage it for her, to make her comfortable during the treatment. She was such an amazing lady – always positive. She came back three times because unfortunately she wasn’t doing so well, but she always remembered us, the pharmacist and myself. If she knew we were coming in she was always genuinely pleased to see us. She really seemed to get a lot of relief and satisfaction in understanding what and why we were doing things. As much as I really didn’t want to see her again, it was always a pleasure to see her.

I’m really excited, the future of pharmacy is going to be so different. My father’s a pharmacist and his practice didn’t look anything like it does now, and our practice in 30 years won’t look anything like it does today. I think it’s our job, as students, to go out and not fall into complacency and just do what’s happening now. Do the little bit extra, challenge the way things are done, and prove our value and that value of our professions.